Motobuddy R0 Parts

Got my box of parts from Adafruit today. You can see in the picture (top to bottom, left to right):

Not pictured is Lithium Ion Battery - 3.7v 2000mAh that I plan to use while I figure out power.

Man that display is small for a 2-3 foot viewing distance. Like 4x too small. At least. Well anyway, it’s POC, and I don’t think the display is the hard part. So there.

I’m going to try and bring up the Feather with a blinky LED to make sure that PlatformIO and the Feather are happy with each other. Then I think I have to solder a header or two on these things to get them all to plug together.

Current R0 Master Plan:

  • Feather bringup with PlatformIO
  • Solder headers on Feather and OLED
  • Bringup OLED
  • Solder headers on GPS
  • Bringup GPS
  • Solder headers on Doubler
  • Install everyone, make sure they still run
  • Find analog pin for DHT
  • Hook up temporary DHT for bringup
  • Bringup DHT
  • Finalize location and install DHT
  • Make sure everything still runs
  • Turd polishing GUI (futz around for too long making the GUI just right, and still be mad at it)
  • Rubber bands or zip tie to handlebars
  • Road test
  • Verify speed
  • Verify altitude