Feather bringup with PlatformIO was uneventful. I was able to platformio run -t upload with a blinking LED no problems. I even changed the duty cycle so that I wasn’t confused by the blinking LED example that was probably already running from the factory.

OLED bringup was similarly uneventful – the Adafruit example needed some reorganization, as the default compiler settings seemed to be crabby about calling functions without a prototype. No big deal, just moved the setup function definition below everyone else.

GPS bringup. Again, uneventful. I was able to get a fix fairly quickly, even in my house. Data updated once per second as expected. Right this second I have an accurate clock on the OLED, updating every second. That’s half of the stated functionality!

  • DONE Feather bringup with PlatformIO
  • DONE Solder headers on Feather and OLED
  • DONE Bringup OLED
  • DONE Solder headers on GPS
  • DONE Bringup GPS
  • DONE Solder headers on Doubler
  • DONE Install everyone, make sure they still run
  • Find analog pin for DHT
  • Hook up temporary DHT for bringup
  • Bringup DHT
  • Finalize location and install DHT
  • Make sure everything still runs
  • Turd polishing GUI (futz around for too long making the GUI just right, and still be mad at it)
  • Rubber bands or zip tie to handlebars
  • Road test
  • Verify speed
  • Verify altitude